Team-Pumpkin is pleased to make availible previous presentation materials and tools for your use.


Soil Amendment Estimator: Bryan Langley has created a tool every pumpkin grower needs to have available. This spreadsheet will help you determine the effects of adding various amendments to your soil. Download the latest revision 15 of his Soil Amendment Estimator here.

Myco(Mycorrhizae), CO2 and Azos: Ever wonder what are the secrets and hot new topics for bleeding edge giant pumpkin growers? Well our own Matt DeBacco has done it again. First he gives us the real data on milk, how to use it and does it really work. Now he is back with new data from his product field trials of 3 of the hottest new products. Myco(Mycorrhizae), CO2 and Azos are all the rage. Now there is real data for you to review.

Lifting Tripod: If your looking for information about the pumpkin lifting Tripod, there are links in the 'Tripod' section (on the left) for the PowerPoint presentation and the video. The still shots of the details are in the "Photos" section.

Team-Pumpkin Enhanced OTT Chart for Estimating Giant Pumpkin/Squash Weight. Proven to be the best OTT chart for estimating pumpkin weights.

Soil Moisture Monitoring is the current new topic for giant pumpkin growers so Matt has prepared a short introductory presentation.

Matt DeBacco's Anthesis- Information and Directions for use